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Froggie loves all things FUN! Be it picnics at parks, movie dates, or gossiping at overpriced cafes. If an activity involves spending time with you they are all up for it. 

Pronouns: They/Them 

Your Froggie arrives with: 

- Adoption Certificate 

- Froggie Parenting Guide 

- Secret Stickie *shhh* 

  • Made with acrylic yarn by crochet artist Khushi. 
  • Each piece is uniquely handcrafted. 
  • Slight variations due to the individuality of each piece. 


For care instructions, click here. 

☆ KINDLY NOTE - Froggie is made-to-order, once you place your order we'll take 7 working days to lovingly craft your Froggie. 


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