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Jewellery Care: 

- Any jewellery that is not made from 925 silver or 14k gold will show signs of tarnish over time. To slow down this process, kindly practise the following: 

1. Remove while showering, working out and swimming. 

2. Store in a clean and dry place. Eg- Plastic box or cloth pouch. 

How do I care for my metal jewellery? 
How do I care for my pearl/beaded jewellery? 

It's crucial to polish pearls and glass beads once in a while, you can do so with a clean dry cotton cloth.

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Tote Bag Care: 

What is my tote bag made of? 

The fabric for your tote has been sourced directly from the cotton mills of Ichalkaranji, Kohlapur. The fabric is then cut and stitched by our tailors thus eliminating any unnecessary waste and exploitation. 

Wash Instructions

Use a mild detergent with cold water, handwash only and dry flat for keeping your bag in tip-top shape. 

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