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Meet the Artists

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Allahabad & Delhi| 

Illustrator and Creator of Strawbabie

Sukku is the curator, illustrator and Bubbles & Cheeku super fan behind Strawbabie. 

They are the mind (hands) behind every tote, stickie, print and jewellery design you see on the site. 



Rasika Barla


Nagpur| Illustrator and Product Stylist

Rasika is an ardent design enthusiast by nature and a product stylist by profession. She can be found taking pictures of anything and everything whilst consuming copious amounts of caffeine. She believes art to be her coping mechanism which helps her trudge through life.

The artist behind 'Art is Therapy Tote'.



Sneha Dasgupta

Untitled_Artwork 3 copy 4.png


Mumbai | Illustrator

Sneha Dasgupta is a visual designer and illustrator. She likes to believe that she has a unique (read weird) perspective on everyday things and life at large. Oh also, she loves cows, sprinkles, and naming fruits - yes in that order. 

The artist behind 'Strawbabie Cafe Tote'



Khushi Dwivedi


Allahabad| Crochet Artist

Khushi is an Allahabad based crochet artist who weaves her creativity into intricate mesmerizing designs. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she finds solace in the world of Kdramas. 

The artist behind our crocheted products.


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