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I don't know how/what to make. 

If you're new to the world of beading and jewellery design then here are some tools to help you out: 

1. Pinterest Board for inspo 

2. YouTube Playlist for everything you need to know. 

Don't forget to enjoy the process and take it easy, keep in mind that Bead Soup is all about creative expression and taking a step back to enjoy some time with your loved ones. . 

What is in one packet of Bead Soup vol.2? 

One packet retails for Rs.399 (exclusive of shipping) and includes: 

  • 100 gms Glass Beads 

  • 15 gms of Acrylic Pearls 

  • 1 m Cotton Cord 

  • 5 m Nylon Beading Thread 

  • 2 Phone Charm Attachments 

  • 4 Mystery Metal Charms